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Krukenberg metastases

Krukenberg metastases in ovaries

Krukenberg metastases in ovaries     Bilateral cystic ovarian metastases from primary tumor of gastro-intestinal tract (stomach, colon), breast,etc. The ovaries are increased in size, deformed, with a smooth nodular outer surface. Their...
Endometrial cancer

Endometrial cancer pathology

Endometrial cancer pathology   The uterus with its adnexa. Inside the uterus: gray-white exophytic papillary tumor mass, with areas of bleeding and necrosis. The cervical canal opening and the porcio are wide open. On histology –...
Carcinoma of the cervix

Carcinoma of the cervix pathology

Carcinoma of the cervix pathology   The cervix is fully covered and distorted by a nodular whitish tumor formation with indistinct boundaries. Its shear surface shows infiltrative growth – whitish tumor strands, sprouts in myometrium...
Molar pregnancy

Molar pregnancy pathology

Molar pregnancy pathology   The content of the pregnant uterus, without an embryo. Uterine cavity is filled with a mass resembling a semi-dry ‘grapes’ – brownish bubbles sizes of ‘lentil seeds’ captured in a thin stalk. These...
Seminoma of the testis

Seminoma of the testis

Seminoma of the testis     Large nodular off-white mass with a homogeneous smooth cut surface. This is a germ-cell tumor of the testis fully engaging it but not invading the underlying tunica albuginea.
Bladder cancer

Bladder cancer pathology

Bladder cancer pathology     The cavity of the open bladder is filled with polypoid-papillary tumor formation on a broad-base, infiltrating bladder wall. Bladder mucosal  surface is uneven, covered with short, thick and brittle...
Renal cell carcinoma

Renal cell carcinoma pathology

Renal cell carcinoma pathology     In the upper pole of the kidney  there is a large spherical tumor with distinct well pseudocapsule (on light microscopy tumor infiltration is present). The tumor appears to invade the fibrous...
Hodgkin's lymphoma

Spleen in Hodgkin’s lymphoma

Spleen in Hodgkin’s lymphoma   Highly enlarged spleen with a longitudinal length about 15 cm, dark brown in color. Subcapsular and upon the cut surface are visible off-white nodular structures (lymphoma infiltration) the size...
Non Hodgkin’s lymphoma

Non Hodgkin’s lymphoma

Non Hodgkin’s lymphoma Part of the trachea and part of the ascending aorta with major blood vessels. They both are compressed by two grayish enlarged and fused in a ‘package’ lymph nodes with monotonous structure.
Stomach cancer

Stomach cancer – pathology

Stomach cancer – pathology Part of the stomach wall which is engaged by an exophytic tumor with round shape, gray-whitish in color and with central depression – ulcerative defect (cancer-shaped bowl). Its edges are rounded, succulent,...